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       Ferrari has been testing a new car, code named F70, that is rumored to be the
next Enzo. The Ferrari has a V12 with estimates of 800hp to 900hp.

      Aston Martin is bring back the Vanquish name on a new GT. The Aston Martin
Vanquish will be a 2014 model and will be powered by a V12.

Acura / BMW / Corvette / Ferrari / Honda / Infiniti / Jaguar / Lexus / Mazda
Mercedes / Mustang / Nissan / Porsche / Saab / Toyota / Volvo

Brake pads, floor mats, alternator, muffler, shocks, intake, fuel pump, air filter,
timing belt, starter, brake rotors, exhaust system, 02 sensor, performance chip,
fuel filter, water pump, car cover, clutch kit, steering rack, lights, air compressor


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Automotive Part Types  ---   Get the right part for your automotive repairs.

OE Parts                  Original Equipment. These parts come from the automobile manufacturer
                           and are made to their specifications.
OEM / OES Parts             Original Equipment Manufacturer or Original Equipment Supplier.
                                  The OEM part is made by a manufacturer that supplies the same
                                  part to the automobile manufacturer. OEM parts may vary slightly
                                  from the OE parts. Brake pads for example are made from a
                                  different compound than the OE brake pad, even though the
                                  same company makes both brake pads.

Aftermarket Parts            These are basically copies of the OE or OEM parts. Quality varies
                                    greatly with aftermarket parts manufacturers.

Rebuilt Parts                 Rebuilt or reman parts are used parts that have been rebuilt. The
                                most common reman parts are alternators and starters. Remember
                                when buying reman parts you will have to pay a core charge until
                                you return the old part.

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efindparts is your source for finding automotive parts and accessories.
New parts, used parts and performance parts.
Find the parts you need to keep your car on the road---
BMW brakes, Honda filter, Mercedes water pump, Volvo alternator, Porsche starter, Lexus radiator, Jaguar OEM wheels, Corvette exhaust
Mazda spoiler, Toyota fuel pump, Mustang lights, Nissan Sensor...

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efindparts is a directory of parts and accessories for
Acura / BMW / Corvette / Ferrari
Honda / Infiniti / Jaguar / Lexus
Mazda / Mercedes / Mustang / Nissan
Porsche / Saab / Toyota / Volvo
A complete resource for brake parts, alternators, radiators, filters, suspension components,
steering, A/C compressors, car covers, starters, air mass meter, o2 sensor, fuel injectors, mirrors,
tail lights, body kits, chrome wheels, cold air intake, exhaust system, spoilers, used wheels...